T.I Shuts Down Rumors That He Snitched: F**k Yo Mama – I Got My Motherf***ing Paperwork N***a!


T.I Shuts Down Rumors That He Snitched: F**k Yo Mama – I Got My Motherf***ing Paperwork N***a!

Rapper T.I. is shutting down rumors that he snitched on people in the past. The Atlanta rapper took to his Instagram Live to address the rumors from critics that referred to a video T.I did with Atlanta Crime-stoppers. He angrily responded to critics saying,

“The question is how much information have TIP ever given any police to get anybody locked up, zero, so f**k that f**k yo mama sideways up her ass with a dildo n***a anybody that got anything to say about me and mines I got my motherf***ing paperwork n***a. So I don’t wanna hear none of that s**t. F**k you and your life. You see a snitch n***a slap him when you see him, knock his nose out. So the next time I’m out instead of asking for a picture like a lil h*e ass n***a come on knock my motherf***ing nose off if you think imma snitch, n***a. Come on, n***a, quit it. Smiling all in my face trying to get into my section – who the f**k you think you’re talking to? Don’t play with my motherf***ing name. Motherf***ing king, n***a, and never gave no mother f***ing name to get anybody in no motherf***ing trouble? … If I am working with a police, it’ll be to get him to shoot you, n***a. F**k is you talking about? N***a don’t play with me.”

The commercial that is being referenced is a 30 second clip that T.I did in collaboration with Atlanta Crime-stoppers over 10 years ago. In the clip, the rapper is heard encouraging people to keep the streets safe for our mothers, sisters, brothers, and other family members. In order to keep the streets safer, he encourages people to call the hotline for crime-stoppers. Watch the short infomercial below.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla