Paris Jackson Tried To Commit Suicide “Many Times”

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson Reveals She Attempted To Take Her Own Life Six Times

Paris Jackson, daughter of the late icon, Michael Jackson, is speaking candidly about her previous suicide attempts. The 22-year-old actress details trying to take her life and how at times she would also harm herself.

“I would cut and burn myself. I never thought that I would died from it because I was always in control of the razor and I knew how deep I was going.

‘Part of it was the dopamine release. Dopamine is called dope for a reason – it feels good.

She explains:

‘Things like food and sex and drugs and music and working out… there’s a lot of things that cause a dopamine release.”

Paris Jackson

She stated,

“Yes, I tried to kill myself many times.” 

According to reports, Paris tried to commit suicide when she was 15 in 2013, slitting her wrist and taking an overdose of painkillers.

Afterwards she was sent to a therapeutic boarding school in Utah, where she spent her sophomore year of high school and half of her junior year.

In March 2019 it was reported that Paris had tried to commit suicide again but she vehemently denied it, tweeting

F**k you, you f**king liars.

According to reports, sources close to Paris Jackson, who was 20 at the time, confirmed that she never attempted suicide as was widely reported, instead she accidentally cut her arm with a pair of scissors after a night of partying got a bit out of control. This is what prompted one of her close friends, who was present at the time, to call 911 because they couldn’t stop the bleeding. From there, Paris Jackson was taken to the hospital and allegedly staff members wanted to keep her for a few days due to her erratic behavior, but her team refused.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers