50 Cent Seen Throwing Tables & Chairs At Man During A Heated Exchange

50 Cent Seen Throwing Tables & Chairs At Man During A Heated Exchange

50 Cent allegedly got physical during a heated dispute with a man in New Jersey recently. The rapper and TV exec 45, was spotted throwing a chair at a man twice during their argument. He’s reportedly had previous beef with  his alleged target, whose identity hasn’t been made public.

It’s unclear in the footage if the chair ever hit the man.  Shortly after the incident, the cameraman walked to the entrance of the establishment and showed a man who appeared to be 50 Cent walking calmly to an awaiting luxury vehicle.

50 Cent has been the subject of some hot topics lately, especially with controversial statements he made about black women that garnered mixed reactions from social media.

He said during an interview with Lil Wayne, 

“[Black women] get mad. They get angry. You see a lot of sisters they go ‘you f*** with this kind of girl and that king of girl?’ That s*** is exotic! That s*** look a lot different than the s*** you see in the neighborhood all of the time. That s*** look like it came off a boat. …It feels like something you can’t just get. In some kind of ways it’s interesting. But they get angry. ‘How did you end up with this mother****?”

One person, in particular, didn’t find anything amusing about what the rapper said; Torrei Hart.

Comedian, Torrei Hart sounded off in a video after 50 made a statement on Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio show about black women being angry when he dates exotic women.

Torrei Hart was clear that she’s dated “exotic” men before but she’s never slammed black men.  She stated,

“No, just ’cause you have a preference don’t mean you have to down your lineage and down where you come from. That is the issue.  I am so sick and tired of people trying to say that black women are angry, black women are bitter.  Ain’t nothing bitter about me.  I’m sitting in a $110,000 car and that’s material stuff, so I don’t even wanna bring that into play. I live in a beautiful home, okay.  I feel like I’m set for life and don’t have a worry in the world.  I have no reason at all to be bitter.”

She added,

“But I do have a problem with when we stand up for black men, black women, we stand up for black men and are so loyal to y’all, so good to y’all…and we break our backs for y’all, and y’all don’t have the same respect for us.  Like what you like, but come on, have our backs, the way we have y’alls.  Show us the respect, the love, the appreciation, the praise that we deserve. Because it’s getting tired, especially in these times.  It’s real tired, and it’s done and it’s dead.  Have something else to talk about other than your beautiful black queens.”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers