Mo’Nique Talks Having a “Free Pass To Cheat” In A Relationship [VIDEO]

Mo'Nique, Husband Sidney Hicks

Mo’Nique, Husband Sidney Hicks

In an recent interview with True Exclusives, comedian and Academy Award winning actress Mo’Nique shares her thoughts on a slew of topics that including: having a free pass to cheat in a relationship; if she’s open to a ‘Parkers’ reunion; her dramatic weight loss; and changing the stigma of homosexuality. Check out a few excerpts.

On still doing stand up comedy:

I never stopped the road. I never stopped stand up. I’m a stand up comic. You know Jerry Seinfeld still does stand up right? You know Rosie O’ Donnell still does stand up right? You know Roseanne Barr still does stand up right? The reason why we still do it is because we’re stand up comedians. That’s what I do. All the other things just happen to fall under that umbrella.



On how to change the stigma of homosexuality:

When you say what can we do, often times we want this big answer. Just let it start with you, and I’ll just let it start with me. And if it just keeps starting with each one of us individually, then guess what… it becomes a lot of us right? So as Michael Jackson says; I’m talking to the man in the mirror. Are you talking to the man in the mirror? If we start talking to that man in the mirror, we’d wipe out a lot of things.

On how to cope with depression:

If you keep living, it will get better. But it’s totally up to you. Because today looks one way… if you hold on and get to tomorrow; tomorrow could be that day to make you say I’m clear in my thinking. But if you give up today, you won’t even see the gift of tomorrow to understand how beautiful it can be. If you’re dealing with depression and you say I’m going to fight you today, so that if I can see tomorrow,tomorrow might be the day that make me see a lot clearer. If you make up in your mind, that I will not go down the road of depression about old hurts and wounds that I can’t do a damn thing about, watch what will happen to your todays and tomorrow.

Mo'Nique during Q&A 2

On her new fit lifestyle:

What made me want to save my life is this man named Sidney Hicks (her husband) and my amazing children. Because I want to live to see my children’s children. I wanna grow old with my husband. The same way I make love to my husband at 47, I wanna be able to make love to him at 99. And if I didn’t start doing some different decisions, then those things wouldn’t be able to happen. So it’s no magic trick… people look for me to say something magical as to why this lifestyle change happened, because one day I said if I keep going like I’m going, my children will be burying their mommy before they become men. My husband will bury his wife before we can grow old together and look at each other’s eyes and say wow look at the generations that we have coming behind us. So it’s no magic.

On a reunion with ‘The Parkers Cast’:

We could never do a reunion, because one of our cast members has gone into the next journey. The Parkers is not complete without Yvette Wilson.

Advice for those trying to be in the industry:

Never waiver from what you know is right for you, because when you do, there’s a mighty price to pay. Now if you don’t mind paying that mighty price, go in every direction everybody thinks you should go in. But if you believe in you and what you bring to the table and you know you’re doing it the right way in reference to your integrity, you’ll always win. It may not seem like you’re the winner, but the person that always crosses the finish line, is not the person that always wins.

On raising young black men in the world & lessons she’s teaching:

We are raising young black men, but their daddy is giving them what they need to be a great black man. Mommy is the nurturer, as daddy is to. But I know my position as their mommy and what their daddy can give to them I can’t, because I’m not a man. So one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to know my place. Sometimes women get offended, well we all have one. The reason why stuff is so confused right now, because people don’t know their place. Everybody wanna be the chief. I’m not the chief in my household, their daddy is. We as parents are giving them what they need, but their daddy is showing them how to be great black men.


Authored by: TJB Writer