Kierra Sheard Recalls Wanting To Leave Music Industry Because Of Criticism About Her Weight: They Said I looked Like The Pillsbury Doughboy

Kierra Sheard Reveals She Wanted To Leave Music Industry Because Of Criticism Towards Her Weight

Gospel singer Kierra Sheard opened up about some of the body image struggles that she’s faced in the music industry. Kierra Sheard recently revealed that there were moments where she wanted to leave the music industry all together because of the criticism she’s received about her weight. The singer reflects saying,

“I think the year was 2004. I was like a sophomore or junior in high school, and I used to be over 300 pounds. I remember I was trying to get signed to this record label; they basically said I looked like the Pillsbury doughboy and I shouldn’t shoot full-body images. So every time they encouraged me to do shoots from the waist up.”

The 33 year old singer also remembered auditioning for a Broadway show and recalls being told,

“really hard, deep words — like they wanted to leave me broken. They did not care about my feelings or me being a human … It’s been over 15 years and the words still haunt me.”

Kierra Sheard has now taken the negative and turned it into a positive, she started a clothing line called Eleven60 for curvy and plus sized women. She is also promoting her recent self titled album Kierra which peaked at number 1 on the US Gospel Charts. Kierra recently got engaged to her fiance Jordan Kelly and they have their wedding set for May 2021.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla