Meek Mill Parts Ways With Vory After His Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Abuse And Threatening To Kill Her: ‘This Guy Is Not A Dream Chaser!’

Meek Mill, Vory

Meek Mill Parts Ways With Vory After His Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Abuse And Threatening To Kill Her: ‘This Guy Is Not A Dream Chaser!’

Update (Feb. 15, 2024): Meek Mill has officially parted ways with Vory after the You Got It rapper’s girlfriend accused him of physical abuse and threatening to kill her.

On X (formerly Twitter) Wednesday, he posted the video from Vory’s girlfriend of their altercation and wrote,

“This guy is not a dream chaser! He has a mental problem! We cutting ties we don’t care how ya music sound,…. He been ducking my calls for months telling people I’m threatening him… stopped alot of people dude “he is not dreamchaser!”

He later added,

“I’m disconnected from all these wild ass people while it’s lit out here! Life kinda serious hold your folks tight!”

Sharing more, Meek Mill wrote,

“Everytime somebody in the a rob him he call me and I gotta politely call people I rock wit to asist him while he biting my back… I rather disconnect from people like that… yall people out here manipulating everybody gonna suffer that’s a bad game to play!”

Vory appeared to respond on his Instagram Story. He shared a video of a Jesus chain with Jack Harlow and Drake’s Churchill Downs. 


Original Story (Feb. 14, 2024): Rapper Vory seems to be alluding to relationship troubles through a newly released song after his girlfriend accused him of domestic violence.

A video that surfaced online shows the musical artist yelling at his girlfriend.

The Grammy winner shouted at her,

“I’m not doing that. You don’t run this. I do! I do! I do! I do!”

In the same video, she repeatedly tells him to “stop” while holding a dog and walking away.

In a separate video, the rapper tells his girlfriend to remove her phone’s access to their home security camera before threatening her,

“I will literally get you killed, for real.”

Vory’s girlfriend detailed the rapper’s alleged abuse in a lengthy post on her Instagram Stories, which has since expired, claiming she has footage of him punching her in the face and spitting on her.

She wrote,

“@vory you are a disgusting person. You want to paint me out to be this ‘wh*re’/bad person. When it’s you! I don’t want to be with you or take your Valentine’s Day gift or spend time with you as a family because of all this shit you’ve put me through for TWO years so you go on social media to tell lies and try to spread this false narrative.”

She added,

“Stop playing on my name before I post the videos of you punching me in the face, spitting on me and threatening to kill me while PREGNANT. I have all of those videos!! Show people who you really are. This man is a professional liar, manipulator and narcissist!”

She continued,

“The proof is public. [Simply] google what he has current court cases for: & that’s only 2 of the 100 times he’s done this. If y’all wanna support a man that abuses pregnant women or women in general that’s between you and god!”

Vory has yet to respond to the allegations directly, but his new song ‘Why Lie’ seems to point to relationship troubles.

One of the lyrics from his song said,

“I always knew you wouldn’t ride for me.”

Another verse states,

“Heard you out, but I always knew you was lyin’ to me. Love was just blind to me, you was still fine to me.”

Rapper Vory is best known for his appearances on Ye, formerly known as Kanye West’s Donda,’ and collaborations with other musical artists.

He also won a Grammy in 2019 for his songwriting contributions to JAY-Z and Beyonce’s ‘Everything Is Love,’ which won Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Beyonce, Jay Z

Some of Vory’s other ventures include Try, Hold of Me, Lucky Me, You Got It, mixtape Overdose, EP SAY, and the debut studio album Lost Souls.

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Authored by: B Gregory