Singer, Avery Wilson Reveals He’s Bisexual: Be Real With Yourself & Everything Else Falls In Place

Singer, Avery Wilson Reveals He’s Bisexual: Be Real With Yourself & Everything Else Falls In Place

Singer Avery Wilson celebrated his 25th birthday when a cryptic tweet. He wrote on July 18th,

“I’m bisexual.  Ok bye”

He later encouraged his followers,

“Be real with yourself and everything else falls in place.”

Avery Wilson followed up on his Instagram account with a personal message about love, growth, and evolving.  He wrote,

In my eyes, life isn’t about being perfect. It’s about growth, evolving, setting & smashing goals and most importantly happiness and LOVE. Im all about perfecting my love of self while not being afraid to love whoever I want, however I want. That real ENTANGLEMENT type sh*t ?!

He continued and said he’s finally answering questions that he’s been asked for quite some time.

I’ve always personally faced but publicly never answered one HUGE question about myself—all because I wanted my privacy and I felt like my business, is just that—MY business. Well, things just don’t work that way when your known on a big social scale… TODAY, all questions and speculations of the past, now have a present definitive answer! To finally answer the question….YES, I’m a bisexual man who’s in love with LOVE. I AM WHO I AM and I LOVE WHO I LOVE. Always have and always will! 

He ended with,

With that being said, cheers to new beginnings and unapologetically walking in your truth. It feels good as hell and I wish all y’all the same. Thank you for all the birthday love and constant support. Y’all are loved and cherished more than you know—for life! 25 years DOWN, many more to GROW. 

In a recent Instagram post, marked June 20, Avery Wilson posted joked about impregnating women with his music and wished himself a “Happy Father’s Day”.  He wrote,

I can safely say Ive impregnated enough of y’all women with my vocals that it’s fair you say happy early Father’s Day to me ?? … or i could just be daddy – either or works lol

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Authored by: Robin Ayers