G Herbo Raps About Fraud Charges On New Song ‘Statement’

G Herbo Raps About Fraud Charges On New Song ‘Statement’


G Herbo (real name Herbert Randall Wright III) is taking to his music to address fraud charges against him.

An indictment issued on October 15th in Massachusets alleged Wright and five others, including his producer, used stolen credit card info for trips on private jets, designer dogs, luxury vacations, and cars. The charges occurred over four years and racked up to more than $1.5 million. Prosecutors allege it could be more because of the amount merchants had to pay back.

He has pleaded not guilty but if convicted, the rapper could face up to six years in prison. Time could also be tacked on due to his criminal past, which includes a weapon conviction in Cook County. In addition to limited traveling, Wright is supposed to stay away from drugs throughout the duration of the trial.

Now, G Herbo has spoken on the allegations in a song called Statement released Friday (Dec. 18th) at midnight. He rapped:

“Let’s talk about them jets, yeah, let’s talk about Jamaica (Come on)/Can ask about me, I ain’t never been a fraud, I went hard from the start (The start)/In my city I’m a god…/If you know you know/Never been no phony though.”

He added:

“Bond money, know I’m straight/I spent a 130K out the gate (Yeah)/They like, ‘Swervo stay safe,’ I’m like, ‘Man, y’all late’ (Y’all late)/Y’all like, ‘Free me,’ I’m like, ‘I’ve been in the crib all day.'”

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Authored by: Char Patterson