EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Perry Allegedly Spent $16 Million On Studio Grand Opening

Tyler Perry 

EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Perry Allegedly Spent $16 Million On Studios Grand Opening

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, new details have surfaced about Tyler Perry Studios! Sources tell us that he allegedly paid $16 million to make it happen.

We’re told that a big portion was allotted to cover travel accommodations for the A-listers to fly to Atlanta for the event earlier this month. Tyler Perry allegedly covered flights and even chartered private planes for his VIP guests, plus hotel accommodations.

As for the actual event, sources tell us that Tyler Perry’s studio opening allegedly featured more than 100 chandeliers, $700,000 worth of carpet and lighting, staging props and the epic fireworks show is said to have cost more than $1 million. He also allegedly paid for performers like Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. Blige to hit the stage.

The studio sits on 330 acres at former military base Fort McPherson.

And the studio has already been in use.

theJasmineBRAND previously broke the news that Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood taped its reunion at the studios, at none other than Oprah Winfrey’s soundstage.

This was said to be the first VH1 show to tape there. In the past, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunions have been taped in New York City.

The Walking Dead is also said to be filming there, and the Black Panther film was one of the first to be taped at the new studio.

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Authored by: Char Patterson