Tyrese Seemingly Defends R.Kelly, Says He Isn’t The Only One In The Entertainment Industry With Something To Hide 

Tyrese, R. Kelly

Tyrese Seemingly Defends R.Kelly, Says He Isn’t The Only One In The Entertainment Industry With Something To hide 

American entertainer Tyrese recently shared his true thoughts on R&B singer R. Kelly and his controversial past. During a streaming interview with rapper Fat Joe, Tyrese opened up about R.Kelly and shared how he thinks everyone in the industry has something to hide. While speaking on R.Kelly’s career Tyrese said

“R.Kelly, with all of his videos – what he was doing musically and sonically and how he figured out a way to change and involve and stay relevant over all of those years. I know he’s got a lot of controversy and heat on him. I get it. Ain’t no need to get in my comments. 

He continued to speak on hidden vices other people have in the industry: 

“What I’ve learned over the years man, is that there’s a lot of people in our industry – rather music, acting, producing, directing and studio execs. The billionaires, real estate, the tech space. Everybody is involved in something that they don’t ever want people to know about publicly. And I would say ‘you know what, just let God do his job.’”  

Tyrese added: 

“And If I were to find out about what everybody is into we probably wouldn’t be a fan of anybody. There’s some people that do what they do and they know how to keep they sh*t completely in the closet. When you have drug problems, you are alcoholic or you got vices that may be inappropriate or whatever the case may be, you’re just trying your best to do whatever it is that you’re doing hoping people don’t find out about it. But I’m a Christian man and I have found out that Christian people are the most judgmental. And that’s one of the scriptures in the bible it says ‘Thou shall not judge.’”

As we previously reported, R.Kelly is currently in jail due to sex-related felonies from alleged incidents that date back throughout his singing career.  Recently the ‘Ignition’ singer was denied early release from jail, due to a fear of contracting the coronavirus. for the third time. 

R.Kelly mugshot

According to reports, US District Judge Ann Donnelly does not agree that R. Kelly‘s prediabetes diagnosis is enough to grant him early release as he awaits his trial:

“While CDC has identified diabetes as a risk factor for COVID-19, the same is not true for prediabetes, a condition that affects nearly one in three American adults.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel