Cardi B & Bernie Sanders Address Harsh Reality Of COVID-19 On IG Live: People Are Still Dying! [WATCH]

Bernie Sanders, Cardi B

Cardi B & Bernie Sanders Address Harsh Reality Of COVID-19 On IG Live: People Are Still Dying! [WATCH]

Bernie Sanders might not be in the presidential race anymore, but his unique friendship with rapper Cardi B is still going strong.  This time, the Senator and Grammy-award winning artist went on IG Live to discuss the international pandemic COVID-19 on Tuesday (April 14th).

Cardi B

Fans might remember that last month, Cardi B expressed skepticism over the rapid spread of the Coronavirus.

This month, she’s done a bit more research and brought Bernie Sanders, who she calls “Uncle Bernie,” to join her.

Bernie Sanders

Cardi B cut right to the chase. See their conversation below:

Cardi B: First of all, Bernie, when do you think America is going to open back up? When do you think that that’s going to happen because there has been talks about America opening back up. Number 45 and some governors, they keep going back and forth but the thing is that people are still dying and catching Coronavirus.

Bernie Sanders: Nobody knows exactly. And It will probably be at different times, in different places in the country, and it will not be all at once. Nobody’s going to turn on a switch and America returns to where it was.

While the Bronx native didn’t seem surprised by his response, Cardi, who supported Bernie Sanders during his campaign, was shocked by the confirmed deaths, due to the pandemic, in the United States.

“It’s crazy right now. Like right now, America really has the most deaths of the coronavirus patients / victims. I think it’s now 25,000, plus. Yea, we’ve surpassed Italy. Which is so crazy to me.”

Cardi B went on to reference the extreme measures taken by officials in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak, to sterilize the continued spread.

“I don’t think that this would happen in America, but in Wuhan, ways that they are preventing people from spreading the virus, is that they’re controlling where people are going. Every single time that people get out of their apartment, they have to do a certain type of scanning. Every time they pay for something, they do a certain type of scanning. So when somebody goes to the hospital with the Coronavirus, they can detect where you got the virus and they can advise you that you’ve been around a person that had the Coronavirus; and that’s what they’re doing in Wuhan to prevent the virus. As much as I would like the Coronavirus to stop spreading, that’s just too much information.”

Sanders, although in partial agreement with Cardi, said he believes that finding balance is the most important thing to contain the contagion.

“Well the balance here, and it’s a tough one, [is] we have to stop the spread of the disease. And you know, somebody in a room with a whole lot of other people; a whole lot of [those] people can get sick and some of them can die. And that, we have to stop. On the other hand, you have a legitimate concern. We don’t want to be having all kinds of information on everybody in America. That’ a violation of civil liberties. So how you get that balance is what we’re kind of working on.

See the full conversation below.

Do you agree with Cardi B that some ways to track COVID-19 are too invasive? Tell us in the comments.



Authored by: CaLeigh