Beenie Man Lashes Out At Billboard For Leaving Him & Bounty Killer Off Cover

Beenie Man

Beenie Man Lashes Out At Billboard For Leaving Him & Bounty Killer Off Cover

Update #2: The journalist (Naima Chochrane) who wrote the Verzus story for Billboard explains her role in the article, noting she had no control over the cover, etc. She also notes that she wrote about Beenie Man and Bounty Killer’s significance. See her tweets below.

Original Story: Beenie Man is lashing out at Billboard after he and Bounty Killer were left off of a cover highlighting the Verzus Battles. Today (August 10th), Swizz Beatz shared a feature story of Verzuz that included a cover showcasing some of the artists that performed thus far.

One of the more popular Verzuz was Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer, but they were not featured on the cover.

Beenie responded to not being featured writing:

When will DANCEHALL get it’s recognition???? Nuh matter how the impact, no matter the hard work, no matter how powerful the music is, them still try it everytime them get a chance. Ah time now man. #FixUp. Don’t try undermine the thing .#Dancehall

He continued,

Big up Swizz & Timz but this is what our genre face! Everybody fwd and tek piece and build up dem thing and then do everything to undermine the genre DANCEHALL where they got it from.

Swizz Beatz also responded with a new cover that featured Beenie and Bounty. He captioned it:

To our fans, while we are honored that Verzuz made the cover of Billboard, this would not have been possible without Beenie Man & Bounty Killer who set a big tone for our audience and represented for Jamaica. Thank You Billboard for the acknowledgement but, we feel this version of the cover best represents THE VERZUZ EFFECT.

Should Beenie Man and Bounty Killer been featured on the cover? Let us know in the comments.

Authored by: TJB Writer