Stephen A. Smith Says Players In The NBA Bubble Should Get Conjugal Visits

Stephen A. Smith Says Players In The NBA Bubble Should Get Conjugal Visits

ESPN commentator and co-host of “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith has got the internet in a frenzy after comments he made suggesting that players in the NBA Bubble get conjugal visits.

Social media users are reacting to a video clip from his popular show where Stephen A. Smith can be heard saying,

“It’s very, very simple.  You gotta let somebody come up in there and see ’em.”

He continues with his suggestion,

“Now you can’t just let family come up in there…but, you can let one somebody come in, you can let a wife or a girlfriend come.  I would strongly advise the NBA to facilitate that happening, before August 30th.”

Max Kellerman, Stephen A. Smith’s co-host of “First Take” then clarifies with a question:

“Stephen A., are you advocating, are you advocating for conjugal visits in The Bubble?”

Stephen A. Smith offers an enthusiastic


This comes after the NBA released a memo announcing guest rules pertaining to players in The Bubble as they gear up for playoffs. Players are currently restricted to The Bubble as a way to protect them from COVID-19. According to ESPN senior insider, Adrian Wojnarowski, players will allegedly be allowed to bring in family and “established longstanding personal friends,” as part of the long list of rules. 

Still, many fans hopped on Twitter to react to Stephen A. Smith’s suggestion, making him trend on Twitter.



On a recent appearance on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden, New Orleans Pelicans player, JJ Redick, when asked about his experience in The Bubble, jokingly says

“I’ve drank a lot of wine.”

He joked that the players have so much downtime and play three hours of basketball with no family or friends to come back to.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers