G Herbo Seemingly Admits To Cheating On Taina Williams With His Ex Ari Fletcher In Leaked Footage From 2019 Arrest [VIDEO]

Ari, G Herbo, Taina Williams

G Herbo Seemingly Admits To Cheating On Taina Williams With His Ex Ari Fletcher In Leaked Footage From 2019 Arrest [VIDEO]

Rapper G Herbo has found himself in hot water again in regards to his relationship with rapper Fabolous‘ step-daughter, Taina Williams, and his ex-girlfriend, Ari Fletcher. In April of 2019, G Herbo was arrested for a domestic violence incident in which he reportedly assaulted Ari during an argument. Ari – who was, at the time, pregnant with then-boyfriend, Gervonta Davis‘, child – detailed the incident in an Instagram post.

The alleged audio from G Herbo’s conversation with Atlanta police is now circulating on social media, in which a few revealing details were uncovered. Just prior to their violent encounter, G Herbo said that he and his child’s mother had a sexual encounter. Recall that he and Taina Williams went public with their relationship in January of 2019.

G Herbo can be heard in the video saying:

“This not even worth it. For what? She could’ve just gave me my sh*t. What she wanna hold on to me for? She wanna f*ck me or something? What is it? We did that already. I just f*cked her the day before yesterday. Why does she wanna hold sh*t over my head? You wanna play with me like I’m your puppet so you can have control over me while you still f*ck with this little a** boy that you wanna f*ck with to make me mad, just so I can stop f*ckin’ with my girl who I really care about…She gon’ still do what she wanna do with her boyfriend…I want to be with my girl. I really love Taina! I don’t wanna be with f*ckin’ Ari! She not ’bout to use me as no puppet ’cause she got my sh*t that I paid for!”

He states,

“She too manipulative. She the f*ckin’ devil! She got me doin’ all this sh*t ’cause she wanna have control over me…got n*ggas goin’ to jail and sh*t about they own sh*t…bro, f*ck her.”

He continued:

“I ain’t start being with Taina [to] f*ck with her. She made it toxic!…don’t f*ckin’ manipulate me to make me be back with you!”

Neither Taina nor Ari have directly responded to the matter, but Taina posted a video of her listening to singer Mario‘s remake of the Keith Sweat song, “Right And A Wrong Way,” on Instagram.

Ari posted the following tweets:

“Never been the type to fold under pressure…I done gave all the f*cks I can give…I’ve grown so much that it’s scary. A b*tch came a loooooong way, on God!”

But this isn’t their first time being accused of a love triangle. This past spring, G Herbo denied it. He spoke on Ari being cordial with Taina on an episode of Angela Yee‘s “Lip Service Podcast.” Ari responded, telling her child’s father not to publicly speak on her.

Yikes! Check out some of the social media responses to the love triangle below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay