K. Michelle Says the Lambo Moneybagg Yo Bought For Ari Fletcher Is Rented, Sparks Heated Exchange

K. Michelle, Moneybagg Yo

K. Michelle Says the Lambo Moneybagg Yo Bought For Ari Fletcher Is Rented, Sparks Heated Exchange

K. Michelle is known for speaking her mind, but it looks like this time she did it on accident via Instagram Live. She was heard trash talking “Said Sum” rapper Moneybagg Yo in a video and said,

“I’m finna go up here with Moneybagg, and tell him about his $100,000 that they finna show in his bank account, today, at 7:00, while he tryna be picky about some records, when I did sh*t with Chris Brown and everything.”

She then claimed the Lamborghini truck Moneybagg Yo bought for his girlfriend Ari Fletcher is rented.

“I turned down your a** for some p*ssy, you round here with $100,000 renting out Lambos.

She appeared to realize she was on Instagram Live and said,

“Oh, I’m on live!”

Ari Fletcher stepped in and sent a message to “old, mad, miserable b*tches” and posted a video of her Lambo. She said,

“You cannot rent a customized car one, two, my car is in my name Ariana Fletcher. B*tch don’t play with me. Mario got these motherf*ckers so mad…”

She added,

“I was gone be humble with this sh*t but you h*es forcing my hand”

Moneybagg Yo also chimed in and said,

“I’m so tired of these mad, jealous a**  h*es popping up out the woodworks. I don’t even know you, never talked to you, never DMed you, never text you, never received a call from you, never picked up a call, come on bro… Keep it real with yourself first. You know what’s going on. You know a n***a never said nothing to you.”

He continued,

“Then you talk about a feature. I don’t give a f*** who you name dropping. I don’t give a f*** who you’ve done a song with. If somebody reached out and said something to me, and I said a price, that’s what it is. How you gon’ knock me and get mad? Then you gon throw somebody in there talking about a car situation. Man, quit playin.'”

Still, despite Moneybagg Yo’s claims, a vintage video of K. Michelle and Moneybagg Yo in the airport resurfaced.

The rapper addressed the video on Instagram and wrote,

“Never said I didn’t meet shawty I Said I don’t know ha! I meet a lot of mfkrs ion know, but wateva it is wat it is”

He added,

“I still don’t know shawty dat sh*t was in 2015 passing through airport I see plenty mfs like dat sill don’t mean I know em, data how un important a mf is to me I forgot about that Next!”

The couple then went on Instagram Live together, showing a united front.

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Authored by: Char Patterson