Rick Ross Spotted Hanging Out W/ Kanye West + Kanye Fails To Make Ballots In Missouri & Wyoming

Rick Ross Spotted Hanging Out W/ Kanye West + Kanye Fails To Make Ballots In Missouri & Wyoming

All is well between rappers Rick Ross and Kanye West as they recently linked up at an undisclosed location. Tons of merchandise was spotted on the ground, leaving fans wondering what the two MCs are cooking up.
The session comes just after Rick Ross said he wanted to speak with Kanye West about his recent concerning behavior. He told Billboard:
“He actually had somebody reach out to me last week. I actually slept through the phone call…But, I just don’t want to drop him on his head yet, because it ain’t clear to me what’s going on. You know what I’m saying?”
He added:
“I haven’t really did any due diligence. I just see what, you know, what headlines come across and we know a lot of that sh*t, be inaccurate.”
Still, he was hopeful that they would be able to see each other sooner than later, saying:
“I’m going to wait for his phone call again and hopefully, I’m going to catch that mother fu**er to ask him a few questions, then after that I have the answers myself, then, you know. If it’s some sh*t that’s, you know, he got to clarify some things though because, it ain’t looking good.”

As for Kanye West’s political aspirations, it was recently reported that he failed to make the ballot for the upcoming presidential election in Missouri after he didn’t get enough signatures.

Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft tweeted Tuesday (Aug. 25th):

“Today our office issued a letter to Kanye West informing him of the insufficiency of his independent candidate nomination petition for President. The petition was determined to have 6,557 valid signatures of the required 10,000.”
He also shared photos of the letter they sent.

According to reports, he began gathering signatures in Wyoming on Aug. 17, near polling locations during the state’s primary election, which is illegal.

Kanye has also failed to make the ballot in Ohio, Illinois, and West Virginia. Still, he rejoiced over the states where he has made the ballot via Twitter.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo