Joe Budden Slams Claims He Was Abusive To Ex Tahiry Jose: This Young Lady Is A Cancerous, Toxic Liar, You Have Been Clout Chasing Since Our Separation

Joe Budden Slams Claims He Was Abusive To Ex Tahiry Jose: This Young Lady Is A Cancerous, Toxic Liar, You Have Been Clout Chasing Since Our Separation

Joe Budden is slamming his ex Tahiry Jose‘s claims that he abused her when they were in a relationship.  He took to his podcast in a lengthy response to Tahiry Jose’s recollection of how she ended up with a broken nose, he starts off by saying that Tahiry Jose is lying about her accusations.

“Incidents like these taint true victims of domestic violence. For me this was nasty and disgusting and for too many years because I’ve chose to remain quiet about certain things just so you could continue a certain narrative. Those days are over, now what was alleged here let me start with this young lady is a liar a cancerous toxic liar.”

Joe Budden then reveals several times when Tahiry Jose was allegedly physically abusive to him in their relationship.

“Today I’m very comfortable saying you are abusive, you used to beat my a**, you threw sh*t, you hit me, you kicked me, you did a whole bunch of sh*t that’s not normal for a man to speak out about, because it makes you appear less manly, but that was a really, really toxic situation. None of that needs to be for public consumption.”

He continued:
“When you go to bed tonight, ask yourself how many times you put hands on me, how many times you’ve pulled knives on me, how many times you’ve threatened me. At 25, I didn’t know that that was toxic. I’ve been there, I thought we was just beefing like it was normal… But in hindsight now yeah that’s what we was, we were sick.”

Joe Budden addresses Tahiry’s claim that he broke her nose. He goes into great detail, recalling the night with a totally different view of what allegedly happened.

“You made it seem as though your nose was broken as a result of abuse by Joe. You were not clear in how and when and why you got your nose broken. And that Joe had absolutely nothing to do with that. You are a cancerous, toxic, clout, check chasing liar. You called me when you got into that physical altercation with that gentleman, and he punched you in your face and your nose was broken. Why this story is coming up now and how it’s related to me exactly I’m unclear. But i can tell you what happened since your memory seems to be a bit foggy all of a sudden.”
He added,
“I got a phone call ‘Yo I got into some sh*t at sin city, I need you to come here.”… I was at the hospital…there’s public record of this.”

The podcast host then claims that Tahiry has been a clout chaser ever since they broke up.

“We know you have been clout slash check chasing since our separation and it pains me to speak this way because my respect for women is too high. I’ve never addressed this because you shouldn’t speak about women this way.  Women should be allowed to feel how they want to feel, talk how they want to talk, fu**k who they want to f**k, and just navigate earth however they want, but not at the expense of the truth.”

Joe Budden also adds that he went through intense therapy following their relationship,

“I also do not support the demonization of black men, we were toxic, you included. We separated, I sought help. I went through intense therapy to address whatever was revealed when you and I were together.”

Joe Budden’s response is after reality TV star Tahiry, got candid about her past relationship with Joe Budden saying that it was allegedly an abusive one.  Most recently, she was seen being physically attacked by her boyfriend rapper Vado on WETV’s Marriage Bootcamp.

During a recent interview, she opened up about her most recent relationship, but also revealed that she was previously in an abusive relationship with Joe Budden, where she says that she was allegedly left with a fractured rib and multiple broken noses.

Check out Tahiry’s claims below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo