Donald Trump: California & New York Are Going To Hell

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump: California & New York Are Going To Hell

President Donald Trump went strong on Twitter Monday (Oct. 12th) as he blasted entire states just three weeks ahead of the election.

It’s not clear what set off his latest rounds of tweets, but he had a message for some of the biggest states in the nation.

He tweeted:

“California is going to hell. Vote Trump! New York has gone to hell. Vote Trump!”

He continued:

“Illinois has no place to go. Sad, isn’t it? Vote Trump!”

He also took time to call out his predecessor, Barack Obamaand former Vice President Joe Biden, who’s now running against Donald Trump for the presidency.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden (circa 2008)

He wrote:

“Remember, I wouldn’t be President now had Obama and Biden properly done their job. The fact is, they were TERRIBLE!!!”

Donald Trump has certainly been vocal about his feelings and opinions lately. He slammed NBA star, LeBron James, on Friday (Oct. 9th) and said:

“LeBron is a spokesman for the democratic party and a very nasty spokesman. Because, again, I’ve done so much for the Black community and people don’t wanna see that and he’s a great basketball player but people don’t wanna see a guy that way. They don’t want to see that. We have enough difficulty during the week, you don’t wanna sit down watching a basketball game and then watch somebody that hates your guts, okay, He’s a hater.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson