T-Boz’s Daughter Received Death Threats After Singer Was Accused Of Insulting Rihanna

T-Boz, Rihanna

T-Boz’s Daughter Received Death Threats After Singer Was Accused Of Insulting Rihanna

T-Boz is opening up about a difficult time when her daughter’s life was threatened after the TLC star was accused of slamming Rihanna

T-Boz recalled while on the All Tai’d Up podcast:

“I remember somebody told my daughter to shoot herself in the head. This was over something… people thought I said something about Rihanna, and I didn’t … We were in Australia and some kid asked a question and I answered it.”

The comment dates back to 2014 when T-Boz and her TLC groupmate Chilli were on Sunrise Australia and made a comment about artists

“who use sex to sell music.”

While Rihanna’s name wasn’t mentioned specifically, a photo of her was shown during the interview.

T-Boz clarified earlier this week:

“The question was…they felt pressured because everybody takes their clothes off. My answer was, we’re living proof. I don’t have anything against anybody who shows their body or whatever, bodies are beautiful. If you have it, show it, that’s your thing. That’s just not my way in how I’ve chosen… I was just saying, the more promiscuous you are on TV, and I think I was talking about the ‘Bad Girls Club.’ I said the more you show your body… and when I did ‘you’, they put Rihanna’s picture up. So it was the press being messy.”

She said trolls referenced her battle with sickle cell and founding TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’s fatal car crash when they blasted her online.

“Her Navy went crazy. [They] were like, ‘Instead of telling Rihanna what to do, you should’ve told Left Eye to wear her seatbelt’…They were going there. Oh, ‘I hope you die from your sickle cell.’ Stuff like that don’t bother me… But when you start involving kids and then telling me to die when I really have almost died.”

She added:

“I don’t allow my fans to do that on my behalf, and if they do, I say something beacuse I don’t want you going hard for me like that. We don’t even know each other like that. You could be a fan but she don’t even know you.”

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