Coldplay Lead Singer Chris Martin Calls Beyoncé His ‘Hero’ & ‘Sister’ While Discussing The Relatability Of Icons

Chris Martin, Beyoncé

Coldplay Lead Singer Chris Martin Calls Beyoncé His ‘Hero’ & ‘Sister’ While Discussing The Relatability Of Icons

Even famous musicians are often in awe of superstar singer Beyoncé.

Chris Martin, famed lead singer of the rock bank Coldplay, all but said as much during a recent interview where he referred to the “Renaissance” artist as his “hero, sister, and everything.”

Chris Martin

The 7-time Grammy Award-winner gushed about his fellow musician while speaking to TV host Conan O’Brien. While the two entertainers were exchanging stories about the joy they experience being able to relate to other entertainers they personally look up to, Chris Martin shared a recent moment just like that — that he had with Beyoncé. He explained:

“I saw Beyoncé the other day after the Grammy’s and you know…she’s my hero and sister and everything,”

Chris Martin, Beyoncé

He continued:

“It’s funny because I have a knee problem from stage and she’ll say ‘yea me too.’ And you have the same work complaints that no one else can talk about…like I breathe too much of this and yesterday the strobes didn’t go off at the right time; complaints that anyone else in the world would say ‘go f*ck yourself.'”

Apparently, the two have been quite good friends for some time. After a photo of Martin and Beyoncé went viral, fans were reportedly delighted to hear about their friendship. Back in 2016, the most-winning Grammy Award artist of all time (Beyoncé) even joined Coldplay’s Super Bowl Halftime performance, where she captivated viewers everywhere, performing her chart-breaking hit “Formation.”

According to one report, their friendship dates way back to 2006. Martin and his then-wife Gwyneth Paltrow were reportedly spending lots of time with Beyoncé and her hubby Jay-Z. After Martin and Paltrow divorced in 2016, however, it seems the music couple slowly lost touch with the actress, leaning into their friendship with Martin.

Beyoncé and Martin subsequently worked on several tracks together and performed multiple times on the same stage. It seems the rock artist still values his friendship with the songstress, maybe even more than he did back then!


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Authored by: Kay Johnson