Candace Owens Has Heated Exchange W/ Cardi B: You’re More Likely To Be Killed By Your Husband Than A Police Officer + Cardi Responds

Candace Owens Has Heated Exchange W/ Cardi B: You’re More Likely To Be Killed By Your Husband Than A Police Officer + Cardi Responds

Black female conservative activist Candace Owens had some choice words for Cardi B and her political moves for the Democratic Party.

It all began when Candace Owens did an interview with Ben Shapiro and criticized Joe Biden for taking an interview with the rapper, calling it an insult.

Candace Owens said:

“It is one of the biggest insults if Black americans are not insulted by the fact that Joe Biden, who has been hiding in his basement for the entire year, made an appearance because he was going to do an interview with Cardi B. Do we do we have nothing better to offer?”
she added:
“Look at Cardi B’s Instagram. You see she has millions of followers and you think, okay this is an illiterate person and if I appeal to this illiterate person and she does ‘Okkkurr’, like she literally did in the middle of this interview, they think she’s cool, he’s hip just by sitting here and taking this interview. ‘Black people vote for me’ –  it’s basically saying ‘Black people you are stupid.'”

Candace Owens alluded to Joe Biden being “handled” stating that his team tells him what to say, using the example of Hillary Clinton saying she had hot sauce in her bag, playing off a popular Beyonce lyric,

“Same with Hillary Clinton when she went on The Breakfast Club and she said she had hot sauce in her bag right? She didn’t know what Beyonce song that came from. She probably got the questions ahead of time – ‘Say you keep hot sauce in your bag’, now Beyonce’s song is trending.”

She continued and said there were more intellectual Black people both Joe Biden and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders could have spoken to. Bernie Sanders previously had a sit-down with Cardi B as well. 

“Yet both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden made the time to sit with her because they believe black people are stupid.”

Cardi B responded to Candace Owens’ statement with a video of her sister Hennessy Carolina being harassed by Trump supporters, at the beach with her girlfriend, stating that this one of the many reasons  Joe Biden sat down to talk with her.

Candace Owens then took to her Instagram live, making shocking claims that Cardi B pretends to care about Black men, and says that she would be more likely to be killed by her husband, rapper Offset, than a police officer.

“You are hurting Black America when you stay on a platform and you pretend to care about Black men when you ask Joe Biden ‘What are we going to do about these Black men dying?’ He should have asked you back what are Black men going to do about Black men dying?

So you’re a fraud if you’re sitting here making it seem like you are you’re afraid of police officers. Are you afraid of your husband?’ You’re way more likely to be killed by your husband than you are by a police officer and you know that.”


Candace Owens then referenced Cardi B’s number 1 record “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion, in which Candace Owens says:

 “You keep saying you have a number one song, it means sh*t. Nobody cares about your wet a** pu**y.”

Cardi B responded, posting an alleged video of Candace Owen’s boyfriend dancing to “WAP” on a boat.

“I seriously don’t even know how me and Candice started arguing. Just a couple of weeks ago her man was playing Wap in his Trump boat party.  I hate arguing wit people .Since I got new followers here STREAM WAP.Its Endorse my Melania”

Cardi B’s fans then compiled a series of tweets, claiming that Candace Owens is obsessed with the rapper.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo