MoneyBagg Yo’s Girlfriend Ari Fletcher Details Plastic Surgery: I Got A Breast Lift & ‘Permanent Bra’ Inside My Chest

MoneyBagg Yo’s Girlfriend Ari Fletcher Gets Breast Lift & ‘Permanent Bra’ Surgery: My Ti**ies Were Uneven

Ari Fletcher, the girlfriend of rapper Moneybagg Yo, just got new plastic surgery.

Ari Fletcher, who also has a child with Chicago rapper G Herbo, explained the procedure on Instagram live and told her fans that she is currently on bed rest and in recovery. She added that this surgery caused the worst pain she’s been in, out of all other procedures she has had done.

MoneyBagg Yo, Ari Fletcher

After getting tons of questions, she explained that she got the surgery because:

“My Ti**ies was uneven.”

She continued:

“I had to get a revision done, and I got them like, closer together.  And I got a lift, and I got a permanent bra inside my chest.  That’s why it hurts so bad.”

The permanent bra procedure is to control the position of where implants sit and add structural support. It helps to reduce the sagging of breast implants.  

Ari Fletcher

Ari Fletcher has never been shy about the surgeries she’s gotten in the past. Earlier this year she encouraged her fans :

“It’s 2020 get you some surgery sis, don’t let these people discourage you. BUY THE BODY YOU WANT!!!”

She added:

“I NEVER said I didn’t have surgery, I said my a** is real. And I’m going for new ti**ies again as soon as they open.”

She continued:

“This n***a said ‘WE LOVE YALL THE WAY YALL ARE’ b***hhhhhh who is yalllllllll??? B***h ain’t nobody doing s**it for y’all. Clown a**, ain’t nobody trying to impress or please no n***a. Dummyyyyyyy, trying to be inspirational. Suck d**k!!!”

Check out her live video below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo