Trina Braxton Reacts To David Adefeso’s Claims That Tamar Braxton Abused Him

Trina Braxton Reacts To David Adefeso’s Claims That Tamar Braxton Abused Him

There has been a whirlwind of chatter surrounding singer and reality star, Tamar Braxton and her fiancé David Adefeso amid her alleged suicide attempt and the aftermath surrounding her well-being.

On a recent interview with actress Vivica A. Fox, Tamar’s sister Trina Braxton shed some insight on how things are currently looking for her songstress sister and even opened up about Tamar’s fiancé, David Adefeso.

David Adefeso, Tamar Braxton

When asked how Tamar is doing, Trina responded,

“Better.  She’s better, you know we’re continuing to pray.  You know, but a lot of people want to know and a lot of people ask, and I and I get it because people they they want to know because they care, um but the one thing that that Tamar has asked us is to allow her to tell her own story.”

Trina continued to express that she believes Tamar will help someone with her story when she’s ready to share it.  She added,

“But I am gonna say this, and I’m gonna tell this to anyone watching.  Check on your well friends.”

When Vivica A. Fox asked Trina to clarify, she expounded.

“I’m saying just because everyone seems like they have it all together.  Never what they’re going through internally.”
But Trina’s feelings seemed to be clear when she rolled her eyes and neck regarding David Adefeso’s recent actions when he uploaded a video accusing Tamar of physically attacking him.

Vivica asked,

“How did you feel when you saw that?”

Trina replied,

“Well, I thought I thought it was a [lot] and I thought it was unnecessary but I think it’s important for me to keep my opinions to myself because it’s not gonna be pleasant.”

During her chat with Vivica A. Fox, Trina also stated that Braxton Family Values will be airing in November on WeTV and confirmed that Tamar will, in fact, be on the show.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers