DaBaby Sued After Altercation W/ Beverly Hills Hotel Employee

DaBaby Sued After Altercation W/ Beverly Hills Hotel Employee

DaBaby is facing a lawsuit after he was seen shoving an employee of a Beverly Hills hotel in December 2019.

The worker, Christofher Pocasangre, said he’s a victim of assault, battery, infection of emotional distress, and more.

He shared his side of the story in court documents and noted that he was working at a Marriott hotel when he found out DaBaby was nearby and requested a photo. DaBaby declined and Pocasangre confessed that he took a picture anyway with DaBaby in the background.

Pocasangre added that he immediately deleted the photo after DaBaby told him to but DaBbay still allegedly got physical with him. He’s also suing DaBaby’s management and entertainment company. It’s not clear how much he’s seeking.

Footage of the incident surfaced earlier this year and in the 42-second video, DaBaby is seen walking into what appears to be a lobby of the hotel behind the worker. Once inside, DaBaby points to something off-camera and pushes down the employee before a chair catches the man’s fall. DaBaby then gets closer to the man and points his finger in his face as he walks out.

His lawyer released a statement on Jan. 18th and said:

“Any actions taken by DaBaby were likely in self defense based upon his recall of the events and until the video is thoroughly reviewed we have no further comment at this time.”

DaBaby also made a statement on Instagram to explain his actions.

DaBaby has not publicly responded to being sued.

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