Lamar Odom Docu Explores How Psychedelic Drugs Helped Him Overcome Addiction & Depression

Lamar Odom

New Lamar Odom Documentary Explores How Psychedelic Drugs Helped Him Overcome Addiction And Depression

It’s been almost 5 years since Lamar Odom came close to death after overdosing at a brothel outside of Las Vegas in October 2015. The now 40-year-old former NBA star suffered 12 seizures, six strokes, and his heart stopped twice. He was placed on life support before eventually regaining consciousness. His recovery has been lengthy and constant throughout the years. Lamar Odom is still working on his issues with addiction and is opening up about some devastating trauma he has dealt with in his life in a brand new documentary, “Lamar Odom Reborn.”

In the documentary, the former NBA player works with director Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, who gave Odom a “psychedelic intervention” that included the medication ketamine and ibogaine. Zappy does not have a medical background, however feels as though the medical field should explore alternative options.  Zappy says,

“I would say to critics that the traditional medicines have a place but right now but we have millions of people in this country suffering from addiction or depression or PTSD. The paradigm is broken and so we have to disrupt it.”

The 53-year-old director filmed their journey collectively, and Zappy even admitted he first thought Lamar was going to be a “spoiled superstar” however when

“I got to know him, I noticed that he’s actually severe trauma.”

Lamar has suffered from a lot of traumatic events throughout his life. His mother, Cathy Mercer, died of colon cancer when he was 12 years old. His grandmother Mildred Mercer, who raised him, died in 2004, and his nearly 7-month-old son Jayden, died of sudden infant death syndrome in 2006.

Zappy posted a video on his Instagram promoting the new documentary as well as the positive affects of Ketamine treatments.

There hasn’t been a release date for when the documentary will air, but it looks like it will be an eye opening experience showing great detail of Lamar Odom’s road to recovery.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole