Issa Rae Launches New Production Company Hoorae, Lands Shows On HBO & Netflix

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Issa Rae

Issa Rae Launches New Production Company Hoorae, Lands Shows On HBO & Netflix

Congrats are in order for Issa Rae as she’s launched her latest venture: a new production company!

Issa Rae has transformed Issa Rae Productions company, which was the brains behind successful projects like HBO’s “Insecure” and “A Black Lady Sketch Show”, into Hoorae media company, according to Variety. 

The new company has already nabbed HBO projects like the docuseries Seen & Heard, comedy series Tre Cnt, and Rap S***, which will air on HBO Max. Hoorae will also produce Ghost in the Machine for Netflix, Sinkhole with Universal and Monkeypaw Productions, and Spyglass’ Perfect Strangers. 

In one of her first moves, Issa Rae has teamed up with Sara Rastogi, naming her the senior vice president of development. Montrel McKay is currently the president of Hoorae film and TV. Sara Rastogi said:

“Working with Issa, Montrel and the whole team has been refreshing and rewarding. Issa invests in people and has cultivated an empowering company culture that allows us to take big risks, challenge ourselves, and industry norms. I am excited to continue growing with the company, in short Hoorae!”

It’s been a big year for Issa Rae as she was nominated for an Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. She said of her success in a recent interview:

“My longevity will be opening the door for others.”

She also spoke on knowing your worth as a black actress and said:

“So there is something to that, too, of just realizing your worth. Also, seeing how little these white people care about asking for more than they’re worth in many cases. You can’t be polite, or tiptoe, or be modest about those things. You’re seeing these 9-10-figure deals out there. I have a great team that also is not afraid to ask for beyond my worth. I have an amazing Black lawyer who is constantly being like, ‘No, I’m going to get you better.’ Or, ‘No, I’m going to make sure. I heard that so-and-so made this, you’re about to make this.’”

Congrats, Issa! What are your thoughts on Issa Rae’s new company? Comment and let us know.

Authored by: Char Patterson