Kris Jenner Sued For Sexual Harassment By Bodyguard

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Sued For Sexual Harassment By Bodyguard, Kourtney Kardashian Also Named In The Suit

Kris Jenner and her daughter Kourtney Kardashian are reportedly facing a new lawsuit.

Kourtney Kardashian

The famous mother-daughter duo have been accused of sexual harassment by a security guard – Marc McWilliams – that worked for them in 2017.

Marc McWilliams was hired to watch over the Kardashian family and alleges that while employed by them he faced unwelcomed sexual advances by Kris Jenner, according to reports. In the lawsuit, he details specific examples of alleged harassment and says that Kris Jenner also made inappropriate sexual comments about his physical appearance and remarks about his sexual activities.

He says that without his consent, Kris massaged his neck, shoulders, arms and caused her pelvis to rub against his back and/or rear end. He also said she made

“lewd suggestive, sexual, sexist, racist, homophobic and otherwise discriminatory comments at him and his co-workers.”

Marc McWilliams does NOT accuse Kourtney Kardashian of sexual harassment, but claims she is responsible for retaliation.

Kris Jenner’s attorney responded stating:

“Kris categorically denies ever behaving inappropriately toward Marc McWilliams. The security guard worked outside the house and he never even went into Kris’ house. The guard never made any complaints to his employer about Kris until contriving this ludicrous claim. Although Kourtney is named in the suit, she is not accused of doing anything improper with the guard, nor did she do so. It is outrageous that anyone can sue anyone in America and believe there is no recourse when pursuing fictional and meritless claims. When Kris and Kourtney defeat this ridiculous, frivolous lawsuit they intend to immediately sue McWilliams and his attorneys for malicious prosecution.

Marc McWilliams says that he notified his H.R. department about his alleged experiences, but nothing was done. No additional details about the lawsuit have been released.

Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel