Cleveland Browns’ Deshaun Watson Suspended For 11 Games & Fined $5 Million By NFL Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations, NFL Star Maintains That He’s Innocent

Deshaun Watson

Cleveland Browns’ Deshaun Watson Suspended For 11 Games & Fined $5 Million By NFL Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations, NFL Star Maintains That He’s Innocent


Cleveland Browns’ Quarterback Deshaun Watson has been suspended 11 games and fined $5 million over his sexual misconduct allegations!

Retired federal judge Sue Robinson initially issued a six-game suspension to Deshaun Watson, 26, on Aug. 1, however, after social media users widely expressed discontent over the “light” sentence, the NFL chose to appeal the  judge’s decision.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell appealed the punishment under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy, and appointed New Jersey’s former attorney general Peter Harvey as the designee to hear the case. The NFL and NFLPA reached an agreement on the punishment before Harvey ruled. Goodell had this to say:

“Deshaun has committed to doing the hard work on himself that is necessary for his return to the NFL. This settlement requires compliance with a professional evaluation and treatment plan, a significant fine, and a more substantial suspension.”

Deshaun Watson

Watson released a statement of his own, apologizing for his actions.

“I’m grateful that the disciplinary process has ended and extremely appreciative of the tremendous support I have received throughout my short time with the Browns organization. I apologize once again for any pain this situation has caused. I take accountability for the decisions I made.”

He continued,

“My focus going forward if on working to become the best version of myself on and off the field and supporting my teammates however possible while I’m away from the team. I’m excited about what the future holds for me in Cleveland. ” 

Minutes after issuing that statement, Watson spoke to reporters and reiterated his “innocence.” He said,

“I’m moving on with my career, with my life and I continue to stand on my innocence. Just because settlements and things like that happen doesn’t mean that person is guilty for anything. I feel like a person has the opportunity to stand on his innocence and prove that and we proved that on the legal side.”

As previously reported, the Cleveland Browns quarterback faced a number of sexual misconduct allegations in 2021 with several massage therapists and landed himself in multiple lawsuits. Earlier this year, Deshaun Watson was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by two Texas grand juries as the suits were filed in the state.

Since March 2021, 25 lawsuits have been filed against Deshaun Watson, 26, alleging sexual assault and other inappropriate behavior during massage sessions. Of those 25 suits, one was dropped by the plaintiff when the judge ruled her petition had to be amended with her name. According to the plaintiff’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, the other 20 suits have been settled.

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson has repeatedly denied the allegations, which ranged from masturbating in front the women, ejaculating on women and situating himself during the massage to make the masseuse touch his groin area. According to reports, Watson had booked appointments with 66 massage therapists over a 17-month span.

Watson signed a five-year, $230 million guaranteed contract with the Browns in March, amid allegations of sexual misconduct.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole