‘The Boondocks’ Episode ‘The Story Of Jimmy Rebel’ Pulled From Adult Swim Because Of ‘Cultural Sensitivity’

‘The Boondocks’ Episode ‘The Story Of Jimmy Rebel’ Pulled From Adult Swim Because Of ‘Cultural Sensitivity’

Adult Swim has pulled an episode of “The Boondocks” because of its racial references, according to reports. The episode, called “The Story of Jimmy Rebel,” shows the controversial character, Uncle Ruckus, singing with a racist country singer.
The song in question includes racist terms against Blacks and portrays how White supremacists see them.
A rep for the series, which is getting a reboot on HBO Max next year, said the episode has been
“permanently retired due to cultural sensitivities.”
The episode “Shale Like Me” has also been pulled for similar reasons.
There are also no plans for the episodes to be put back. The rep continued:

“When Adult Swim transitions series to a new platform we determine what episodes are selected through creative and cultural filters and our standards and practices policies,” 

“Oftentimes these decisions are made in collaboration with the show’s creator.”

Fans began noticing that the episode was missing from HBO Max in June.  A representative for Adult Swim added that when series get transferred to other networks, Adult Swim has the final say over which episodes will also transfer.

The episode was written by the show’s creator, Aaron McGruder, a Black cartoonist who began The Boondocks as comic strips the newspaper from 1996 until 2006.

Late last year, HBO Max announced that it had ordered two reimagined seasons of the popular cartoon “The Boondocks.”

The show, which follows two young black brothers and their Granddad as they navigate life in the suburbs, originally ran on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim from 2005 to 2014. On top of the two seasons, it was also announced that the show would get a 50-minute special as well.

Kevin Reilly, the Chief Content Officer for HBO Max, and President of truTV, TBS, and TNT,  saluted the topic of conversation on the original “Boondocks,” as well as the concept developed in the comic strips created by Aaron McGruder. 

“’The Boondocks’ was a revolutionary series that sparked conversations on hot button issues and brought dark subjects into the light with episodes like ‘The Trial of Robert Kelly’, ‘The Fundraiser’ and ‘The Story of Gangstalicious. Aaron is a gifted visionary whose unique style of storytelling is a welcome voice and we are elated The Freemans are making their thugnificent comeback on HBO Max.”

Check out a clip from the episode below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo