Jeffree Star Accused of Sexual & Physical Abuse, Allegedly Paid Hush Money To Keep Past Hidden

Jeffree Star Accused of Sexual & Physical Abuse, Allegedly Paid Hush Money To Keep Past Hidden

Beauty guru Jeffree Star, born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, Jr, just can’t seem to catch a break lately. He recently accused his own boyfriend of robbing him and now it’s being reported again that the makeup mogul allegedly has a past history of sexual assault and physical violence. Prior to building his makeup empire, Jeffree Star had a career as an electropop musician during the late 2000s. According to reports, multiple people who knew Jeffree Star during that time period are claiming the now-34-year-old was allegedly a very violent and abusive person.


Five different people claim that in 2009, Jeffree Star allegedly used a taser on a homeless teen while at the movie theaters because the teen rejected his sexual advances. The then-teenager from this alleged incident also said that he stayed with Jeffree Star later that night. He claims that Jeffree Star gave him an Ambien sedative until he was intoxicated then allegedly performed unsolicited oral sex on him.

There is also video footage from a 2009 Warped Tour stop that shows Jeffree Star groping a man’s private parts. In the video, the man appears to push Jeffree Star’s hand off of his body before Jeffree walks away and says

“I knew it was big.”

Even though Jeffree Star’s attorney said the video was of two friends joking around, a former Warped Tour stage manager said that it wasn’t abnormal for Jeffree Star to inappropriately grope people while on tour. He said,

“I’ve seen him grope both guys and girls. I think anybody that has seen him in concert has seen that. That’s just part of his thing, feeling people up and groping people and ass-slapping and d—-grabbing.”

It’s also being reported that Jeffree Star has recently paid people $10,000 each in order for them to change their story and no longer speak against him. The person that claimed Jeffree sexually assaulted him when he was a homeless-teenager has retracted his allegations. 

In addition to the accusations against him, Jeffree Star was also in the headlines for claiming his boyfriend, Andre Marhold, robbed him. On September 30th, Jeffree Star took to Instagram and said that his boyfriend left and took a few of his designer items.

Andre Marhold has since denied those claims.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel