Tokyo Toni Thanks Wendy Williams For Repairing Relationship W/ Blac Chyna, “Without Her I Don’t Think I Would Be Talking To My Daughter”

Tokyo Toni Thanks Wendy Williams For Repairing Relationship With Blac Chyna, “Without Her I Don’t Think I Would Be Talking To My Daughter”

Just after her and daughter Blac Chyna’s recent reconciliation, Tokyo Toni is now crediting Chyna’s new bestie, talk show host Wendy Williams, for the repaired relationship.

After a long period of estrangement, it appears that Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni are on the path to repair their strained relationship. The mother-daughter duo were recently spotted at a local Atlanta skating rink during the filming of Chyna’s forthcoming reality show.

Surprisingly, Toni recently revealed that one of the reasons she and her daughter are back on speaking terms is due to Wendy Williams, who has become fast friends with Chyna after her recent appearance on her self-titled daytime talk show.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Toni detailed her appreciation for Williams despite their past issues:

“Believe it or not I want to thank Wendy Williams for being a standup person. Although we have fought and argued without fighting and arguing I really appreciate her. Sometimes the ball bounces in the wrong court but it’s OK just throw it back. I appreciate windy doing this because without her I don’t think I would be talking to my daughter today. Somethings you doing the dark hast to come into the light so that it can be all right. I’m truly not want to be out sociably not even a club. However, being on social media loud I’m noxious crazy and dumb was never my intentions It was to get my daughters attention as windy said on her show. It did not help and it was not proper although it was my only means of reaching my kid and believe me I’ll do it again if necessary. I’m never too eager to hurt anyone. But I do want to thank her for her efforts and mending my family back together through a television network @wendyshow sometimes we have to take time out of our own life to look through the life of another person to only see the reflection! And I really think Wendy for being a team player ???????? although she’s doing her job she still have a heart ?? #tokyotoni Best wishes to Wendy Williams and Kevin Williams family over everything”

Given their relationship is in a better place these days, fans may see Toni make an appearance on her daughter’s reality show on the small streaming service, Zeus.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings