Twitter Suspends Fake Accounts Pretending To Be Black Donald Trump Supporters

Twitter Suspends Fake Accounts Pretending To Be Black Donald Trump Supporters

The people behind the scenes at Twitter have been on high alert during this season of presidential campaigning. Both Republican and Democratic parties are doing their best to be seen in high regard to gain more votes.

According to reports, it seems as though one account in particular has popped up and garnered more than 24,000 followers within six days.  The distinguishing factor of this account?  It featured a photo of a Black police officer, president Donald Trump and the words “VOTE REPUBLICAN” as its profile.

Donald Trump

The account reportedly tweeted only eight times with its most popular post being liked 75,000 times before the account was suspended on Sunday (Oct. 11), for reportedly breaking Twitter’s rules against platform manipulation.

This was one of dozens of similar pages suspended that had been created with fake Black Donald Trump supporters. Many of them were using identical language such as “YES IM BLACK AND IM VOTING FOR TRUMP!!!” and had generated more than 265,000 likes or other social engagement on the platform.

Clemson University social media researcher Darren Linvill stated,

“It’s asymmetrical warfare. They don’t have to last long. And they are so cheap to produce that you can get a lot of traction without a whole lot of work. Thank you, Twitter.”

According to Linvill, he may have found evidence of foreign origins and reportedly a
“few traces of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet appearing in online records of the accounts.”
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Authored by: Robin Ayers