Trump Selects Amy Coney Barrett For The Supreme Court To Replace The Late Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Trump Selects Amy Coney Barrett For The Supreme Court To Replace The Late Ruth Bader Ginsburg

President Donald Trump has selected Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative federal appeals court judge to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The announcement was made Saturday (Sept. 26), just one week after the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Reportedly, Donald Trump will try to force Senate confirmation in hopes of having a conservative-leaning judge in place just weeks before Election Day. Trump spoke very highly of Judge Barrett during his announcement in the White House Rose Garden. Trump stated,

“Today it is my honor to nominate one of our nation’s most brilliant and gifted legal minds to the Supreme Court.–She is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect, sterling credentials and unyielding loyalty to the Constitution.”


Judge Amy Coney Barrett, (48), is a member of the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and a former law clerk for the late Justice Antonin Scalia. A finalist for a previous Supreme Court opening that went to Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She was seen as a likely choice given her conservative credentials, strong support among Republican senators and the president’s desire to nominate a woman to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. President Trump called the late Justice Ginsburg a “legal giant and a pioneer for women” and said that making his third nomination to the court was a “very proud moment.” Amy Coney Barrett will be the fifth woman ever appointed to the court and second conservative.


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday (September 18) as a result of complications from metastatic pancreas cancer. She was the second woman to serve as a judge in the Supreme Court and because of her fearless stance on various controversial issues including voting rights, immigration, and abortion rights, she became known as “The Notorious RBG.”


Donald Trump made headlines this week while attending Judge Ginsburg’s funeral on Wednesday (Sept. 23). He was seen being booed by the crowd while paying his respects to the late Judge.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole