Meek Mill’s Ex Milan Harris On Why They Broke Up: I Ain’t S***, I Ain’t Gon Be S*** & I Don’t Have S***

Meek Mill’s Ex Milan Harris On Why They Broke Up: I Ain’t S***, I Ain’t Gon Be S*** & I Don’t Have S***

Milan Harris, businesswoman and ex-girlfriend of rapper Meek Mill is never without a witty comment on social media.

Meek Mill announced their breakup on social media in September, just months after they welcomed a son together on his birthday on May 6.

Since then, many fans have tried to figure out what made them go their separate ways. Now, Milan Harris has given her own answer.

She responded to a commenter who wrote:

“Help us figure out why meek would leave you”

The fashion designer replied:

“cuz I ain’t s***, I ain’t gon be s*** and I don’t have s***”

Milan Harris hasn’t been shy about speaking up for herself since the breakup. She also had a response for one commenter who suggested she’s only a “baby mama.”

“the only thing I am is a babymama? Hmmm check my credentials sweetie!! And once you do, don’t ever discredit me again. And even if I was just a “babymama” what’s sad about that? Do you say it’s sad that your mom, aunts, or cousins are just baby mamas? Then why tf you feel it’s ok to say it about me. Y’all be tripping and letting this internet s**t program y’all. Next time you at your family reunion tell which ever family members that have babies and not married that that’s sad. Keep that same energy for your family sis.”

Before that, she told her followers not to cry over breakups, but to take a different approach instead.

“Don’t cry over breakups, do squats and make em wish he still had that a** lol j/k but I’m so excited I got on the scale today and it read 178.4. This is my 10th day working out and I feel great. I’m not pressuring myself to get back either. I’m just enjoying the process, I carried a beautiful human for 9 months so im giving myself 9 months to get back but the way it’s looking I may get back way sooner @mamanaireclub @womanaireclub”

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Authored by: Char Patterson