Khadijah Haqq Was Hospitalized For ‘Pre-Term Labor Scare’, Now On Bed Rest

Khadijah Haqq Was Hospitalized For ‘Pre-Term Labor Scare’, Now On Bed Rest

Reality star and actress Khadijah Haqq is in recovery mode after a scare during her pregnancy.

The ATL star first announced she was pregnant in August.

Now she’s on bed rest following a hospital stay. She wrote on Instagram Thursday (Nov. 5th):

“I didn’t share right away because the most important thing was that myself and the baby were healthy. I had a pre-term labor scare a few weeks ago and was hospitalized. I’m home on bedrest now, feeling good, and so thankful for my doctors (@drthaisaliabadi & @drsteverad)”

She added that while she’s no stranger to experiencing challenges in her pregnancy,

“Pregnancy for me has always come with a multitude of challenging symptoms and scares. I know I’m not alone, I just know it’s not easy to talk about for so many reasons. But with the support of my family and friends I can do just that.”

She said fans can expect for her to share more of her story soon:

“I figured what better time than now? I’m in bed and I can only imagine there’s a mom or two in the same position. (Or for other reasons)
Let’s be there for each other!
I will start sharing more of my “from bed chronicles” on my IG story. As well as Q&A.
#2020 [shrugging Emoji]”

Wishing Khadijah a quick recovery and healthy pregnancy!

Authored by: Char Patterson