EXCLUSIVE: Amber Riley: I Wish The Black Actor Community Stood Behind Gabrielle Union Even More

EXCLUSIVE: Amber Riley: I Wish The Black Actor Community Stood Behind Gabrielle Union Even More


Amber Riley exclusively sat down with theJasmineBRAND where she shared her thoughts on inequality in Hollywood and how she wishes the black actor community was more supportive of each other. The former Glee star spoke directly about Gabrielle Union’s claims of unfair treatment while working on America’s Got Talent, and the lack of support she received from her fellow actors. Amber Riley also addressed Terry Crews’ controversial response to Gabrielle Union’s allegations and said:

“I wish that the black actor community stood behind Gabrielle Union even more than they did. I wish Terry Crews would’ve just shut up. Even if he wasn’t going to stand behind her. We have to learn to do that as a black community. We gotta believe each other and have one another’s back.”


Gabrielle Union


As previously reported, Gabrielle Union filed a lawsuit against NBC for racial discrimination she says she experienced while working on America’s Got Talent. Initially following her complaints against the network, Terry Crews spoke out against her claims and said racism wasn’t something he experienced while on the show.


Amber Riley also shared that she is working on a project that will allow black actors to have a ‘safe space’ and be able to share their stories of unfair treatment in the industry. She explains this will take a while to plan out and that she cannot divulge too many details. She said,

” I have people’s stories. Now I’m working on figuring out how to move forward and I have my chief strategist and all those things together and it’s just going to take a long time with what we’re trying to build…I wanted it to be a safe haven and a safe space for black actors to come and we can help advocate for them in a very creative way. Which I cannot divulge or they will stop this s*** before it before I start.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole