Celebrity Pastor Carl Lentz’s Alleged Mistress Breaks Her Silence On Their Affair: He Was Like A Drug To Me, I Was A Drug To Him


Carl Lentz’s Alleged Mistress Breaks Her Silence On Their Affair: He Was Like A Drug To Me, I Was A Drug To Him

More details regarding celebrity pastor Carl Lentz’s affair has come to light. We previously reported that Carl Lentz was fired from the Hillsong megachurch for cheating on his wife of 17 years.

Recently his alleged mistress Ranin, a 34-year-old NYC-based fashion designer, shared her side of their romance. According to Ranin the pair met at Williamsburg’s Domino Park this past May. The fashion designer claimed she didn’t recognize who Carl Lentz was at first but he did save her number in his notes app which was a little off to her. She said,

“That, for me, was a red flag.”

Ranin also revealed that the second time they met in the park she asked him if he was married and he told her ‘yes’ but she

“still didn’t know who he was.”

According to Ranin, she didn’t realize who Carl Lentz was until she used an app to do a background check on him based on his phone number. She said that’s when

“Everything came out. It hit me so hard.”

Following her background check the pair continued to talk. Ranin shared that the first time he came over to her house they drank tequila and talked for hours. She also claimed that Carl Lentz seemed to be nervous.

“We were sitting and he asked if he could put his hand on my thigh. It was awkward, he didn’t know how to act at first. He was timid, acting like he was a virgin.”

She added that as time went on they

“started to develop feelings for each other.”

During their time together Ranin said that Lentz would call her his “Middle Eastern unicorn woman” and also mention how “amazing” his wife is. In addition to that, she shared that he felt guilty about their relationship but

“he kept saying that we didn’t plan this, that this is life and we fell into it.”

By September the pair were allegedly seeing each other twice a week. According to Ranin, they were

“obsessed with each other. He was like a drug to me. I was a drug to him.”

Ranin admitted that their affair came to light because their messages were linked from iCloud and somebody from the Hillsong church saw them on his computer. She also admitted that

“[Carl Lentz’s] not really a good cheater.”

Ranin feels that their alleged relationship was a product of the pandemic lockdown.

“He hadn’t been doing anything for so many months, he hadn’t been onstage, what else was going on in his life? He needed to do something that would excite him.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel