Serena Williams Taught Husband Alexis Ohanian What A Washcloth Is

Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams

Alexis Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian Tweets About Serena Williams: “My Wife Definitely Taught Me What A Washcloth Was”

A recent tweet by Serena Williams’s husband Alexis Ohanian has gone viral for, oddly enough, about his bathing habits.
The 37-year-old internet entrepreneur and co-founder of social news site Reddit jokingly tweeted this week  (November 12th) about a poll about whether or not people wash their full body or just their extremities when bathing.
When someone commented that it was something common to white people, Alexis Ohanian in his response to the tweet, said:
“Laughing emoji, I wasn’t this bad, but my wife definitely taught me what a washcloth was.”
Ohanian followed up with:
“Lots of mad people in the comments. I think it’s worth having a laugh at my own expense, because it helps de-program the bulls**t this country grew up with”
Alexis Ohanian then clarified his comment, about deprogramming also tweeting:
“(The narrative of White people thinking we epitomize cleanliness.)”
That’s when Twitter users began to respond, one person, asking:
“Wait… so what did you think the little towel in hotels was for?”
Ohanian responded truthfully, saying:
“maybe decoration? I just thought the bar of soap was an overachiever and could do it all”
In a final tweet when a user commented about his wife upgrading his life, he responded saying:
Serena and Alexis Ohanian married in November 16, 2017. They currently have a three- year old daughter named Olympia.

Olympia Ohanian, Alexis Ohanian Sr.

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel