R. Kelly’s Daughter Buku Abi Reveals Loss Of Her Unborn Son: I Am Heartbroken

R. Kelly’s Daughter Buku Abi Reveals Loss Of Her Unborn Son: I Am Heartbroken

Condolences and prayers are going out for Buku Abi (born Joann Kelly), the daughter of R. Kellyas she mourns the loss of her unborn child.

Buku Abi shared the news on social media Wednesday (Nov. 11th) with an open letter. She wrote:

“I started making this post at 222pm* My palms are sweating and I feel like I have to throw up. I’m also shaking… I’ve reread this like 20 times…

Dear Son. I am heartbroken you left me so early. If I’m being honest… I’m also angry. Many things have happened this year that I don’t understand…. but this one I don’t even want to believe, accept, move on from… but I will learn”

She continued:

“I met you when you were about 8weeks & You became the light of my life in a world that was so cold, and dark, and truthfully very frequently lonely… so fast. It was just you and I.”

She went on to say her baby boy helped her grow and show her how strong she truly is:

“You opened me up and showed me love in ways I’ll never forget. In ways I’ll never be able to explain. You made me fall deep In love with myself … all because you and god chose me to be your mother. An honor…. You gave me a strength I didn’t know I had… It was and will forever be all for you.”

She added that about two months have passed since she experienced her loss, but she wanted t o share her story to help other women who have suffered through the same thing.

“It’s been almost 2 months since you physically left and all the days have seem to mesh into one. I want to take the time to acknowledge all the mothers that have experienced the loss of a child. I’m speaking directly to you when I say you are seen. I feel you and I love you. There’s really no words to describe the pain, I know. I’d never want anyone to understand this pain.. and to the ones that do… somehow someway it’ll be okay again.”

She ended by revealing she’s not “okay”, but working to use her pain to hopefully encourage someone else.

“I am not okay, deep down there’s an emptiness.. and that’s fine. sometimes being “ok” is just too hard. But… as long as you’re here to see any other day.. you’re doing something. I met you August 1st 2020 , and lost you October 1st 2020 (I wanted to go with you) these last three days have been particularly heavy. Today is 11/11/2020.. I’ve started my period, my throat chakra is on fire & You my beautiful being are heavy on my spirit. my sweet baby.. I love you so much and if the least I can do through my pain is help someone else then so be it. Blessed Be 4:44”

Sending prayers to Buku and her family.

Authored by: Char