Angie Stone Says ‘No One Has Been Able To Compete’ With Her Ex D’Angelo: I Will Always Love You

Angie Stone Says ‘No One Has Been Able To Compete’ With Her Ex D’Angelo: I Will Always Love You

It’s been a while since we heard from Angie StoneBut now the singer is back and opening up about her health and her past romance with singer D’Angelo. 

She recently spoke to Fox Soul’s Dr. Sean McMillan and explained that even though she’s smaller than most might remember her, she was always a “really tiny girl” before her big break. Unfortunately, a battle with chronic high blood pressure and sarcoidosis (an inflammatory disease that impacts multiple organs), caused her to be on steroids that made her gain weight.

She said that because of her weight gain, many questioned how she landed someone like D’Angelo.

“By the time ‘No More Rain’ came out, I was 230 pounds. And then I was in love with a sex symbol, and he was fine, and everybody was looking like, ‘How did she get he?’

When asked who she was referring to she pointed to one of D’Angelo’s hit songs.

“It ain’t but one baby. We can talk about it baby. How does it feel? That’s all I can say.”

She continued:

“What they didn’t realize is he had seen me smaller. So he knew also the steroid issue. I wasn’t being loved or judged by my weight. It was the inner spirit that they were in love with. The beauty on the outside came with it.”

She added that they received a lot of hate because of her appearance:

“When I was in that lane, it was a cruel reality. A lot of people began to fight against that because of the weight issue because I was a dark-skinned girl with full lips. To them, that just didn’t go together. But what they didn’t understand is he was overweight at one point. They just didn’t see that part.”

She said she’s been able to get healthier now by simply eating healthier.

She later had a message for D’Angelo and said:

“I will always love you…When you’ve experienced true love, real love, it never dies. Even though you go your separate ways, life goes on for everyone. You take different paths. You never, ever forget the purist love. And that was a genuine love that no one has ever been able to compete with. And, not for nothing, there has been great lovers. But when you’re talking about the core of the… I will always love you. No matter how pissed off I get, okay? You’re still the He’s genius, and he’s my baby daddy, so I gotta respect that.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson