K. Michelle Auditioned For Mercedes In ‘P-Valley’: I Was So Close! My Body Wasn’t Together

K. Michelle Auditioned For Mercedes In ‘P-Valley’: I Was So Close! My Body Wasn’t Together

P-Valley is one of TV’s most popular shows right now, and singer/reality star K. Michelle revealed that she was pretty close to landing the role of Mercedes. 

While actress Brandee Evans notably plays the part now, K. Michelle explained on Instagram Live:

Brandee, who plays Mercedes, I auditioned for months for this part as Mercedes and it was between me and her. My body wasn’t together, I had holes in me. Everything. She does an amazing job at what she does. But I haven’t even watched it in the full. I watched it, the first couple of episodes. It hurt so bad. Nothing hurts me so bad than to see y’all comparing me in doing this P—y Valley thing because I was that close. That was my first role that I really was that close to getting. It hurt so bad, man! It does hurt me. It hurt me so bad! Because I was that close. It was between me and her. I was put on hold for the part and it didn’t happen, so I hurt. I hurt.”

She continued,

“I’m so happy. I’m so proud… Being from Memphis, Brandee’s from Memphis. I’m so proud of these women. I can’t lie though. That hurts. Maybe second season I can be written in, but the fact that it’s between me and her is something that… I ain’t gon’ lie. I cried about it. I have been hurt, depressed, been depressed about it for days, for months. You know? I got tears in my eyes. That hurt! I was so close. But God knew. ‘K, you’re not confident in your body right now. K, you need to get those holes in your body fixed.’ You know what I’m saying?”

Fans reacted to K. Michelle saying how close she was to starring in the show on Twitter, causing her name to trend. See a few reactions below:

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Authored by: Char Patterson