Tamar Braxton Has A COVID-19 Scare: I’m Still Sick As F**k!

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton Has A COVID-19 Scare: I’m Still Sick As F**k!

Singe Tamar Braxton took to Twitter to share a coronavirus scare that she had this week, that left her son Logan all alone, and her family keeping their distance from her because they all thought she caught COVID-19.

She started by asking her fans did they want to hear a funny story, also asking was it possible to just have a cold or flu these days or is everything COVID-19? She wrote,

She then goes on tell her fans the story of how she began to feel ill recently, listing her symptoms as chills, sneezing, and a runny nose, which happen to mirror symptoms of COVID-19.  She says that although she didn’t feel well, she went to work anyway.

She then says that she called her mother for help, meanwhile her son Logan is in his room hungry, and  asking for food.  Her thoughts are, if she had COVID-19 she didn’t want to expose him as well, so she began to call more people to help.

Tamar Braxton says that after calling multiple people to help, Logan’s father and Tamar Braxton’s ex husband Vincent Herbert came to get their son Logan, but he did not want to come inside the house and risk getting sick as well.  She added that she was left at home hungry, alone and feeling ill.

The singer begins to wrap up her story saying that a doctor eventually came and administered her second COVID-19 test this week, and her test result was negative.

She ends the story by telling her fans to wear a mask, letting them know that it’s lonely if you get diagnosed, because people are fearful of being around you.


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Authored by: Demi Lobo