Wendy Williams Confirms Her Mother’s Passing: She Died Many, Many Weeks Ago [CONDOLENCES]

Wendy Williams, Shirley Williams

Wendy Williams Confirms Her Mother’s Passing: She Died Many, Many Weeks Ago [CONDOLENCES]

Prayers are going out for TV personality and media mogul Wendy Williams as she confirmed her mother, Shirley Williams, has passed away.

She revealed the news on her daytime talk show Monday (Dec. 7th) and said her mother actually picked the outfit she was wearing.

“She also talked me into picking out this outfit today…she’s also died. My mom passed away many, many weeks ago.”

She added:

“You know how during coronavirus, people are starving, out of jobs. Everybody’s life is something. And you know how you lose track of the day and the time? All I know is that it was a long time ago.”

She continued and said her mother will always be with her as she opened up about their close relationship.

“And me and the five of us – me, mom, dad, my siblings, and me, the five of us. She’ll always be here. She’s squawking at me right now ’cause I requested confetti cannon cause that’s what she wanted. My mom and I – our relationship became closer when I went away to college … and it became closer at the point.”


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She went on to say:

“First of all, she passed away beautifully and peacefully and surrounded by love. She didn’t suffer one bit. Gone is the best mother and the best girlfriend a girl could ever have. And I feel fortunate that I had her in my life all of my 56 years.”

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter, Jr.

She said she wanted to be strong for her son Kevin Hunter, Jr.:

“I gotta be strong for my son because this is his first death. He does not know death – he’s 20. He does not know anything about this … he knows his grandmother passed away, but he doesn’t know anything about it.”

“I’m giving my son the strength he needs. It’s not like I don’t cry, I just don’t cry in front of you regarding this particular thing. Not even a misty blue! What kind of robot have I become. I deal with that in therapy.”

She didn’t share the cause of death or her mother’s age.

Prayers for Wendy Williams and her family during this difficult time.

Authored by: Char Patterson