Common Hosts Sneaker Giveaway In Georgia In Honor Of Ahmaud Arbery

Common, Ahmaud Arbery

Common Hosts Sneaker Giveaway In Georgia In Honor Of Ahmaud Arbery

As the one-year anniversary of Ahmaud Arbery’s tragic passing nears, Common was seen in Brunswick, Georgia honoring his memory.

Ahmaud Arbery, unfortunately, was fatally shot in Brunswick, Ga. while jogging in a neighborhood. He was allegedly tracked down and hunted by a father and son who have been charged with killing him. A third man, who taped the incident, has also been charged.

Common is keeping Ahmaud Arbery’s name alive as he gave away free sneakers at a Brunswick community center Friday 9Dec. 18th). The center is close to the scene of Ahmaud Arbery’s passing. His family was also present to help pass out sneakers to those in need.

Common was in the area during a state-wide tour to help encourage locals to vote for the upcoming Senate runoff election. He reportedly didn’t want to leave until he met Ahmaud Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper. Their conversation included plans of getting justice for Arbery, who was only 25 when he was killed.

Ahmaud Arbery and his mother, Wanda Cooper

The rapper and activist is said to have reassured Arbery’s mom that he wasn’t doing the event for a publicity stunt.

She previously called out organizations that were created in Arbery’s name.

She wrote in a statement:

“It is with great disappointment that I must now elaborate on this situation with the founders of 2.23 and creators of I Run with Maud when I am still grieving, still advocating, still seeking justice, and still trying to adjust to the loss of Ahmaud. Before I ever made a statement, I spoke with them several times to do my best to resolve this situation privately.”

“I cannot in good conscience support a page that now appears more like a business opportunity for its staff rather than getting justice for my son. So, I want to shed some light on this so that I continue to prepare myself for the true fight of justice for Ahmaud, protecting his character, and being strong for my family.”

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