Niecy Nash Gifts Wife With Brand New Range Rover

Niecy Nash Gifts Wife With Brand New Range Rover

Niecy Nash and her wife, Jessica Betts, are celebrating their first holiday season together, and it looks like it’s already a good one.

Niecy Nash gifted Jessica Betts a brand new white Range Rover for Christmas!

She shared the special moment on Instagram with a snapshot of Jessica Betts checking out her new ride.

She also thanked “All American” star Bre-Z for her help.

She added the caption:

“Range Rov(HER) … Merry First Married Christmas! @jessicabettsmusic … Thank you my guy @omar_violent@landrover for all your help (and hiding at the burger spot until we were ready… and much love to @brezofficial for helping me surprise my love … IT WAS CRAZY … (might pop some of the vids in my story) you are fam for life!!! #BettsFirstChristmas#bettsofbothworlds”

Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts shocked fans when they announced their marriage in August.

They opened up about their relationship in October as Niecy Nash said it had nothing to do with gender but

“everything to do with being an amazing person and she is the most beautiful soul I have ever met in my life.” 

Jessica Betts adds that the connection was instant.

“I knew there was something the moment I met her…But when I fell in love with [Niecy] is when I desired no one else.  [Then] I knew.”

Niecy Nash also said that while her love for her new wife is new, she has always loved her soul.

“Our being in love is new, but loving her as a soul, I’ve done that from the beginning.”

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