Shemar Moore Is Getting His ‘Mojo Back’ In Shirtless Selfie

Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore Is Getting His ‘Mojo Back’ In Shirtless Selfie

50-year-old Shemar Moore is showing off his physique.

The retired model posted a selfie to Instagram Wednesday (July 1st), giving fans a close look at his body. Shemar Moore captioned his newest snapshot:

Selfie for no reason…. slowly getting my mojo and smile back… crazy times for ALL of us!! Stay safe… MUCH LOVE!!!!


Lately, Shemar Moore has been under fire for comments he made about race amid the Black Lives Matter protests. “The Young and the Restless” alum strongly stood on his principle of not denouncing either side of his biracial ethnicity, as his mother is white and his dad is black.

Shemar Moore and his mother, Marilyn Wilson-Moore

Shemar said,

I am half Black, and I am half white. But I am proud to be Black, but I am also proud to be white. I understand what it is to be treated like a n*gga when I don’t have my fame and when I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time, and nobody knows who I am. Then I’m just a n*gga in the street. I’ve been thrown down on the sidewalk in my lifetime. I understand what it is. I haven’t gone through the George Floyd situation. I have not gone through that, but I know what it is. But I’m not gonna denounce the other side of me, because I’m looking at humanity…

He continued on to highlight his late mother, Marilyn Wilson-Moore who passed earlier this year and credited her for thinking outside of the box of her racially segregated time period.

My mother – who’s white – who just passed…I lost my best friend…but my momma? If she didn’t look outside the box, I wouldn’t have life. Ok? This is a white woman from Boston in the 60s. That was a very racist, racially-divided time. She thought outside of the box and she met my daddy, and she made me…”

He added:

“…now that I have this life, I can’t denounce [it] because there is good and bad on all sides. Black, white, green, or yellow…I understand that I am brown. I understand that I am Black. I understand that I am a n*gga, ok? But I am not gonna denounce my momma. And if my momma was still alive, she’d say, ‘Baby, go out there and make a change. Go out there and spread positivity. Go out there and tell the truth.’”

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