Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Natalia Bryant Remembers Him & Gianna Bryant + Gives Advice For Dealing With Low Points In Life

Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Natalia Bryant Remembers Him & Gianna Bryant + Gives Advice For Dealing With Low Points In Life

Kobe Bryant‘s oldest daughter Natalia Bryant took time to answer questions from fans who follow her and in the process, she dropped some positive words for anyone who might be going through something.

When one Instagram user asked her to show her at her happiest point in life, she shared a photo of her and her late sister Gianna Bryant.

Then an Instagram user asked Natalia Bryant to show the best moment with her dad Kobe Bryant.  She posted a photo of her with her dad with the caption “Walks in Italy.”

Someone also made a comment to Natalia saying “at your lowest but no one knew.”  She decided to write a lengthy answer:

“I wasn’t going to do this one, but thought it was important to share because you never know the someone is going through problems of their own.

I genuinely think that it is so important to find your close circle of trusted people and be able to vocalize your feelings to them when you are ever down or not feeling like yourself.  This is also a lot easier said than done but just know that you are never alone.  This is something I have learned throughout this year and still continue to work at with the help of close family and friends.”

It’s been almost a year since the devastating loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi Bryant, along with seven other souls who died in a Los Angeles helicopter crash in January. Almost a year after their lives were lost, NFL superstar Russell Wilson paid a 7-minute tribute to Kobe and Gigi, thanking them for being an inspiration.

Shortly after the Seattle Seahawks clinched the 2020 NFC West Title, Russell Wilson begins his message,

“When I think about this year, the first thing that comes to mind is number 8, number 24, number 2.”

These three numbers, all representing Kobe Bryant (8, 24) and Gigi Bryant’s jersey numbers (2), have become significant digits in all sports since their untimely passing.  Russell Wilson further states,

“Your family means a lot to my family.  We love you all.  For this game, we had to bring the Mamba mentality.”

Russell Wilson’s wife, singer Ciara is best friends with Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant.  The families often spend quality time together including holidays and vacations, even recently spending a trip together in Montana.

Russell’s sentimental tribute continued,

“This is what I really found out in 2020: Life is so much bigger than just this game.  It comes down to our family, it comes down to our loved ones, it comes down to grace, it comes down to how we treat each and how we love one another.  And the one thing that I’ve found out and really understood in 2020 is, nothing’s promised.  Nothing’s promised.  The good thing is, there is hope.  Hope lies in god, it lies in our faith, it lies in a new day.”

Continued prayers for the Bryant family!

Authored by: Demi Lobo