Bow Wow Reveals His Son’s Name Is Stone

Bow Wow Reveals His Son’s Name Is Stone

Rapper and Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta star Bow Wow revealed the name of his newborn son in a series of tweets.

When one fan asked him about the child’s name, he replied:

“Ive never told anyone. But my sons name is stone.”

One of his fans told him that he was lying about the name of his son and he replied:

“Would never lie on my children.”

When another fan asked him how the name came about, he says that the mother of his child named him Stone.

“Mom named him. I did not.”

In late September, Bow Wow officially confirmed rumors that he fathered a son with Instagram model Olivia SkyShad “Bow Wow” Moss took to his Twitter to share an adorable photo of a sleeping infant and captioned it:

“Man you gone take all the girls.”

On his Instagram stories, the “Growing Up Hip-Hop” star shared a zoomed out version of the same image of the cute baby boy and captioned it with a crown emoji.

“I’m looking in his eyes, I’m tryna see me in them, I’m peeping out his swag and I see the resemblance.  Seen the boy 3 times, sh*t why would I lie.  Baby moms’ll bring him through just so we spend some time. If he mine, sh*t you know I’m steppin’ up. Kobe set that example, you know I send my blessings up.  I told you dealing with me, gone be hard to do, we both caught in this storm, but we gone make it through.”

Also in Bow’s freestyle, he indicated that his daughter, Shai Moss, had been inquiring about a brother and his hesitation to respond:

“Shai asking me about a brother I don’t know what to say. That’s gon’ be one of them talks that we have face to face.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo