Kim Kardashian ‘Has Been Over Kanye West In A Romantic Sense For A While’, Source Says

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Kim Kardashian ‘Has Been Over Kanye West In A Romantic Sense For A While’, Source Says

While Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West remain quiet about divorce speculation, new reports say that the reality star lost romantic interest in the rapper a while ago.

A source told Entertainment Tonight,

“Kim and Kanye are still heading for divorce. The couple hasn’t seen each other much lately, but still communicate regularly. Kim continues to live in Calabasas and Kanye is spending time in and out of Wyoming.”

They added,

“The kids don’t know much of what’s going on because they are young, but also this isn’t new to them. Kim and Kanye have always been so busy traveling and in and out that Kanye not being there isn’t shocking. At the end of the day, Kim and Kanye will do what is best for their kids and are on great terms as parents.”

They went on to say that Kim Kardashian hasn’t been romantically attracted to her husband for quite some time, but doesn’t want to humiliate him in public. They referenced a previous incident when she visited him in Wyoming after he shared concerning tweets and said,

“Kim has been over Kanye in a romantic sense for a while but loves him as the father of their kids and doesn’t want to embarrass or hurt him. Her last real attempt to make their relationship work was when she flew to Wyoming in July and she was seen crying in the car with him. After that, she just knew that she had to be done for good.”

They continued,

“Kim is able to cut things off more easily … and has reached her limit and she is at a point where she feels like things are done in a romantic sense.”

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