Monica Says She Lived In A Hotel After Divorcing Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown, Monica

Monica Says She Lived In A Hotel After Divorcing Shannon Brown

Singer Monica is getting candid about her life after divorce.

She opened up about splitting from former Los Angeles Lakers star Shannon Brown in 2019 and said on Instagram live recently,

“After divorce, it’s one day at a time. You don’t know what you’re going to feel day by day. You have to wake up and just flat out see what that’s gone be, see how you gone feel. And for me, respect is key. I try to always keep the respect in tact. We’re a good ways outside of it. We split in 2018, that’s when I decided to leave. And the divorce was final, October 24, 2019.”

She also denied that she was seeing anyone, despite being connected to other people.

“One of the key things is to keep your space clean. Keeping your space clean means you have to be conscientious of who you keep around as you’re healing. My name was linked to a lot of people but I wasn’t dating anyone. Nobody was touching me. I was by myself, still by myself in here. I would just come home and get in the bed with my kids.”


She explained the hold on her next album and said she had been living in a hotel after the split with Shannon Brown, who she shares daughter Laiyah with, while experiencing other heartbreaks in her personal life.

“When people ask what takes so long, honestly, real life just kept happening to me. I was in a hotel for a while. It was a nice one, don’t get me wrong this isn’t a complaint or me whining. God is amazing and He keeps covering me so don’t take it the wrong way. Two aunts died in one day, one from both sides. And then double back to my Uncle Larry, really being murdered for lack of better words.”

Monica continued,

“If you know me, you know my brother and I are like this *crosses fingers*. And my mother and her brother were like this. They’re only 18-19 months apart. So that took me completely off my course. I didn’t work on anything after his death for a while. My aunt said he had been in an accident but nobody explained to me, he had a flat tire and he was walking and a car hit him and killed him. So I wasn’t thinking about music, guys…I don’t want to focus on that, I want to focus on my mama, I want to be the daughter I need to be. I need to be the sister I need to be.  Those are the things I had to try and take care of.”


“And then all of that, I was going home to a hotel. That’s why I’m saying no matter what you’re going through, life is not meant to break you. It is meant to make you and create character within you. So I was losing people physically and I was losing people who were right there in my face. They weren’t there for me. People were hurting me that were supposed to be there for me. I was dealing with a lot at one time. So I’m telling you one red coin, no award, none of this stuff around me keeps me at peace. None of it holds me at night, none of it dries my tears. None of it!”

She said even though living in a hotel was smaller than the space they were used to, she and Laiyah were able to bond while there. Now, Laiayah is getting used to the new home they live in after hotel life.

“In the hotel [Laiyah] was sleeping in the bed with me. And to come into this kind of space, she’s slowly working herself into staying in her room and I’m definitely not pressuring her in any way. God is always on time because coming from tight quarters like that, into this, you just never know where life may take you.”

“I will say this about the hotel, the smaller space it helps you to really get reacquainted and to be really in tune with each other. I got back into all of their favorite shows.”

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